Regain your vitality, energy and zest for lie

Discover how to feed your soul

Do you suspect that food is causing you some pain? Or maybe you have been told that you have a condition that could be helped by changing your diet and lifestyle? Perhaps you have been on endless diets and want to learn how to create a unique way of eating and living - just for you.

Perhaps you are just tired of feeling tired?

Or is there something else that is eating away at you?

No matter what your reasoning is, the key is that you have made a decision to change and want to take appropriate action to create a spiritually, healthy, wealthy life.

You want a healthy life and you are ready to take action.

Learn how real food, being in tune with nature and tapping into your divine inner wisdom can help you to feel fabulous!

Trained in nutrition, crystal therapy, Reiki (1,2 & angelic), and dowsing for health, my role is to work in collaboration with you and your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Together we discover what is right for your health. No faddy diets - ever. Just wonderful conscious nutrition and soulful lifestyle advice.

We work together. We a recipe for your life.

You will learn how to listen to your body and eat and live for your vitality. You will learn how to feed your soul.

My own health journey started when as a child I stopped taking three sugars in my tea - just like that. Over the years, I have changed my diet in line with life changes (IBS, peri-menopause, thyroid issues). This has never been a quick fix, rather gradual, considered and well thought out changes.

My belief is that looking at ourselves wholly in conjunction with nature and science we can create a thriving mind, body, soul and spirit.



· Private consultations - £45 per session

· Full history consultation and analysis - £95

· Self history consultation and analysis - £45

Nutriheal Therapy and Soul Healing

How it works

We meet for an initial consultation where we explore how you are feeling now and how any issues have evolved. This consultation is £95 and covers a 2 hour session, a review of your diet and lifestyle and an analysis of your consultation.

Thereafter your consultations are £45 per session.


You can opt for an initial consultation @ £45, where we discuss where you find yourself and I will explain how to take the full history yourself. You will do this in sections as described below while keeping a weeks food and life record. This is then emailed back to me for analysis.

Thereafter your consultations are £45 per session.

Book yourself in

To book your initial consultation follow this link and book yourself in

After that...

Following a detailed consultation your unique soul healing plan will be created. Followed by regular follow up calls, feedback and tweaks. 

We will generally talk once a week for 3-4 weeks, then monthly and then at the start of each new season.