Which is your most stressed organ?

Which is your most stressed organ?

Just as you might express outward emotions when stressed, your innards also get a bit of a battering. Given what we put our bodies through, it is no wonder that your organs are stressed. So how do find out which is your most stressed organ?

You may be exhibiting lots of differing symptoms that may lead you to believe that it is a particular organ. For example,  you may have some of these:-

Acid reflux, bloating, flatulence,  diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, hemorrhoids, itching anus, cravings, cough, sore throat, ear infections, and headaches.

Grab your journal and a pen. Take a moment to sit quietly and explore. Be honest with yourself. Write down what comes up.

These symptoms could lead you down any number of pathways. Do you have IBS, gluten intolerance, candida, compromised immune system? Might you have a number of issues? These are ‘issues’ or as I like to call them labels for define a set of things which are presenting themselves. Some of which are a bit wooly. What we want to do is to find out from our inner wisdom what is going on.

One of the quickest ways to get to your priority organ is to dowse for it. You may have never dowsed before. You do not need to buy a pendulum. To get started try a necklace or tie a polo mint to a piece of thread (do not eat the polo…). I’ll be covering how to dowse in a later video.

Video finding your most stressed organ

In this short video, you see me asking which is my most stressed organ and no surprise to me it comes up as digestion.

The video was recorded on my phone and the images are mirrored – so sorry!! But you get the point.

Using your pendulum and the relevant chart you ask it to point and show you your most stressed organ.

Systems of the body charts

Once you know which organ, you can begin further exploration.

  • Is there a supporting organ that also needs looking at?
  • Is there a pathway that needs to be followed?

You can make your own charts up to work out the cause, the specific organ and your treatment pathway. At this point, it is about asking good questions and remembering your pendulum only answers yes to no. You can additionally ask it to point and show you on a body diagram.

For example, I could print out a diagram of the digestive system and ask my pendulum to show me the priority organ:-

  • Salivary glands
  • Throat (pharynx)
  • Oesophagus
  • Stomach
  • Small Intestine
  • Large Intestine
  • Rectum

Allied digestive organs:- liver, gallbladder, pancreas

Following this, let’s say the small intestine came up, you could then explore issues concerning that. It may be that you are intolerant to gluten and therefore need to restrict that in your diet. You can ask if this is temporary or permanently. Which is the priority food or foods to stop eating (you can dowse for your food which we’ll also cover later)? Do you need a gluten test and a conversation with your doctor or with a nutritionist?

You can then ask if there is another organ in the digestive system that needs looking at and so on. Ask what is the priority. You are building a picture of the health of your digestive system. Remember at any time you can place your hands around these areas and focus in to ask what they want you to know. Take into account emotional and spiritual issues as well. These need to be dealt with too.

You may ask if alongside removing gluten if you need to restrict anything else, for example, you may have a candida overgrowth and therefore need to remove foods that candida feeds on. That may not be all, you may find that the nightshade family of foods needs to be eliminated. It is a journey of discovery and quite an adventure.

Creating a healing pathway

Once you have all of your information, you can determine your healing pathway. E.g.

  • Are there vitamins, minerals or amino acids that you are deficient in. You can dowse, have blood tests or use hair analysis. Armed with this you can start to rethink your diet and where you buy your food.
  • Heal your gut. Ask what you can do. Talk to trusted practitioners and your doctor (sympathetic). This may take the course of a colon cleanse, getting better hydrated and changing what you eat. Explore what might work for you, I use clay and enemas followed by probiotics for removing toxins as possible. I, for example, buy organic veg, do not have gluten, sugar, caffeine, nightshades, meat or much alcohol among other things. Be careful and do not take L-glutamine if you are sensitive to gluten – it makes me itch and it could react badly for you.

A word of caution. One of things, that many people to is that when they discover that something needs work is to search Dr Google and start doing all kinds of weird things. Stop, breathe, relax and consider ONE THING at a time. The first thing to do is to get properly hydrated. Cut out processed foods, sugar, stimulants like coffee and alcohol. Do everything slowly and as you swap ONE THING out, you swap ONE better thing in. Otherwise, it becomes too overwhelming.

Before you freak and think you can’t eat anything, my diet is fab and I have cookies, cake, raw chocolates, make bread and crackers. Meal planning is fun as there are so many other things I can eat. My attitude is that I am worth the effort and I want to feel energised.

  • Create your perfect diet. Enjoy discovering new dishes. Yes, people may think you are a pain, so let them.
  • Look after the liver – the seat of anger and frustration. Maybe a liver pack with castor oil and take milk thistle (more on looking after your liver later). Find ways to reduce your anger and frustrations.
  • Consider anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric. I have turmeric and ginger tea and put turmeric in my smoothies and juices. I buy fresh turmeric root. In addition, one of my dogs who has arthritis has grated turmeric every day.
  • Support the adrenals. Avoid stress, ensure you get good quality sleep, walk, meditate, do not have caffeine, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, look at what vitamins and minerals you are deficient in. You can dowse for foods, rather than taking loads of pills. I typically only take Krill oil.
  • Look at which chakras and other energy systems are out of balance. Look at your five element personality type, consider what take steps you can take to restore your harmony.
  • What supporting therapies will help? Do you have beliefs that need addressing? How about hypnotherapy? I had hypnotherapy for lack of self-worth. Reflexology and massage some of my treats.

The bottom line is it is not easy to make big changes to your lifestyle. To my mind, there is only one question and that is ‘am I worth this effort?’ The answer has to be YES.

Please take care. Much of this journey of discovery is trial and error. Do not believe everything you read online. Look for scientific research (your head may explode), read good books and consult others who may be going through what you are. Remember your journey is your journey and theirs is theirs, while there may be similarities do not be fooled into following what they do. You are unique.

You will feel fed-up, especially if you have candida dying off, or take a supplement makes you feel ill (L-Glutamate for me) or you find yet another food to eliminate. I’ve changed my mind-set and take each thing that comes up with good grace (mostly) and consider ‘how I can continue to support finding a pathway that works beautifully for me?’ I am very reflective and appreciate that things take time.

Work with a sympathetic doctor and nutritionist. Add in any other therapies that you love and which make you feel good. Remember to journal and pay attention to what you are doing and how you feel. One thing at a time, unless you are me and stop all potentially offending items in one fell swoop. At all times take care with your mind, body, soul and spirit.

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From the book The Conscious Woman’s Guide: Tapping into your divine inner wisdom (release date 6th December 2016)



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