July 25, 2021


Whats her story?

“Wrinkles on my weather-beaten face and hands mirror untold stories of those in the frozen ground whose crosses and headstones bear the same aged features. Wrinkles of joy and creases of laughter join in to create the landscape of this face.” Katherine Keith

Carved in every wrinkle is a story, a smile, love, anger, disappointment, fear, joy, a lost friend, children, infertility, illness, happiness, memories, laughter, gratitude…

These are the stories of your health, happiness and your history.

There’s no A to B timeline, but clearly a journey around a lifetime. A journey of life.

But… So many stories never get told. Deemed not worthy or considered not interesting enough.

That’s not true.

These are the lines of your survival, how you came back and thrived.

How you overcame whatever it was.

These lines deserve to be etched into the pages of a book.

Are you ready to share your story and tell us what went on between the lines?

About the Author

Coach, writer and author. Supporting my clients to heal and rewrite their story. Providing a pathway home to their wild and pure essence. Offering a safe sacred space to be seen and heard.

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