It’s time to change your running shoes

It’s time to change your running shoes

Whenever I talk about running, I shudder. It has never been my favourite activity. Back in the day, I used to get my lovely friend Ali out of bed at silly o’clock for a run. She hated the morning; I hated the running so we were both in pain. Sorry Ali!!!

The running shoes here are not my physical ones because I can safely say that running has not found a way back into my life and never will. These are more my metaphorical running away shoes.

Running shoes come in all kinds of styles

Like our shoes what we run towards or away from will differ from person to person. I feel that I ran away from a rubbish life and ran towards new opportunities two years ago. That was one aspect of my running. However, lurking in the murky depths have been other things that I have been donning the shoes for.

Only yesterday the conversation came back to that old chestnut ‘fear of success.’ How many times have you or I shone a light on someone else and stood in the shadows? How many times have you and I stopped millimetres shy of success, for some weird fear?

I know I have done both and it takes a lot of personal will power to stop doing for other people and being you, shining your light and stepping over some invisible boundary.

Look at your feet now and create a picture of the running shoes that you might be wearing. Consider shape, colour, laces or Velcro, brand and anything else that comes into your head. Are they running to or running away from shoes?

If they are running away from shoes, please change the colours, make them sparkle, maybe add a kitten heel (not the guys please), do something to make them something you’d like to wear into the next phase of your life.

Do you need a short run or long sprint?

When I made a decision to leave a situation that wasn’t serving me, it was a long sprint. At different times, I’ve need to take short runs to get away from people or situations for shorter periods. While I may be extrovert and love the company of others, I adore solitude with just me and the pooches.

What about you?

Decisions to run away build up over time, so when the time comes it often feels like a snap decision as you ‘sprint’ away.

Running away from life is sometimes necessary

Running away from stuff and finding space is a beautiful experience, so long as it doesn’t last forever. Even old runners dust off their shoes and go for a jog. Run, do it, but have an exit strategy, a date, a sign or feeling that says at this point the running stops. Notice I don’t say when such and such happens then I will, because I believe ‘when and will’ lets us get away with not taking action. When and will tell the mind it’s ok to procrastinate. The right moment to stop running will make itself known to you. All you have to do is listen and be a witness to what has unfolded to give you space to allow yourself to fall untethered into new opportunities.

Do you even know what you are running away from?

Choosing rubbish relationships, boring jobs, manipulative friends and the list goes on, is your way of hiding your light. How do I know? Let’s just say been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Yep, it’s scary to say get lost to things and people that don’t serve you, however, if you don’t, you will stay in a town called Purgatory for some time to come.

Write, journal, talk, reflect and discover who (or what) those gremlins are that you are holding on to. One by one give them their pair of running shoes and tell them to take a hike.

No regrets

Your choices are your choices. Whether you think they were wise or not. At the time you acted them out, you had made a decision that you would do whatever it was. Ok, you may feel like a prat. You could say sorry if it was that important and that’s sorry to you, your inner child or someone else. The point is not to regret what you did or didn’t do. Be grateful for who you have become because of the choices you made. Believe you me; it can only get better (even if it currently feels like a pile of poo…)

So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking Racing around to come up behind you again. The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older, Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

Pink Floyd | Time

Some things that it’s cool to be running away from

Shite relationships. What more can I say? Look over at your partner and tell me, does he light your fire? Do you want to wake up next to him for the rest of your life?

Boring non-challenging job. Hateful jobs that do not utilise your knowledge, skills, experience and aligned to your purpose are soul destroying. Feed your soul with a job you love.

Manipulative toxic people. As you start to build up your energy, it seems that they want to suck it out of you. Notice who they are and start to either protect yourself or walk away. Hell, no run like mad!

Friends who always take and give nothing in return. These aren’t the friends who require support in tough times. These are those other ones; you know who they are don’t you?

The place that you live in. City life would be a killer for me. Living in the peace of the hills and Mother Nature is like rolling naked in nectar (not done it but it sounds nice). If you can make plans to find an environment that wraps you in it’s arms. If moving is not an option, consider Feng Shui for your home, it makes such a difference.

Words that don’t serve you. Mind your communications. That mind of yours can be a bit of a devil. Stops the can’ts and shoulds. One of my long-standing ones is I hate my arms. Instead, I am telling my arms that I love them. Yes this might sound nuts and I have no idea where the arm hating came from. However, it’s not productive for me to hate anything about me. Catch yourself saying things, say ta very much and then change the communication.

That old you. Say thank you to old you. She was nice to know, she taught you a lot, you had some ups and downs, but now it’s time she put on her running shoes and headed down the track. The new you rocks and don’t you forget it.

What would you add to this list?

I got tired of running away and decided to face the things that needed to be addressed. Spending time laughing at my foibles helps. Please laugh at yours, because laughter is the best medicine.


Writer, author, book coach, conscious woman and mum to three beautiful dogs. Living in the hills in Spain watching the world from a distance and drinking tea are just a part of what I fill my days with. That is when I am not writing or walking said dogs.

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carolyn - May 23, 2016

Run away in kitten heels? What could possibly go wrong with that 😉

Jules - May 23, 2016

Pretty sure at some points during that you were speaking directly to me. Oh, and I went over to Google to check out running shoes with kitten heels, and it looks like they haven’t been invented yet, so you should maybe get the patent! 😉 xx

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