Story to Self

The stories we tell are the key to our well being and personal growth. Every story contains a lesson and a gift. 

Our stories are the heart of who we are and how we make meaning. Your stories express who you are and how you show up in the world. They become your identity.​

What is your story and how do you want to change it? What would it mean to own your identity and be able to express the essence of you in a way that feeds your soul?



What are your stories? How are they serving you? What are the lessons and the gifts?

Self Love

Self Love

Take a journey to self-love and know that you are more then enough.

Divine inner wisdom

Divine Inner Wisdom

Tap into your deep well of In-tuition and learn how to use your wise gifts.



Step into your EVE-olution and start a conscious uprising.

Reclaim your identity and start an EVE-olution

There are no rules, no process maps or structures to adhere to. Together we explore where you find yourself, what outcomes you want and then co-create a way for you to navigate towards your vision of self.

Intuition and divine inner wisdom are your guides for this softly unfolding experience. When you then make conscious decisions you will know that you have asked your heart, gut and head (in that order) to support your actions.​

Our time together is in a space where you are heard and gently challenged.​ We meet weekly, you will be given activities to do which are designed to make you think and to connect to that deeper part of you, which yearns to express itself.


You are ready to embrace your stories and open up to your divine inner wisdom

Committed to your growth and expansion and to those that you are connected to​

Willing to take responsibility for your 'stuff' in order to expand and EVE-olve

Open to receive support and to be fully present in this work​

Open to feedback and ​committed to taking action

Will receive:-

Clarity - we will sort through the jumble to understand where you are holding yourself back

Declutter - you will learn how to let go of old patterns and energy that do not serve you

Nourishment - you will discover ways to nourish yourself and life and create the juiciness you desire

Connection - you will know how to tap into your well of divine inner wisdom

Are you ready?

£395 per month - weekly coaching / mentoring sessions

The finer details

Before we start we will set the ground rules for the coaching relationship so that both parties know their obligations.

We will review the contract and mutually agree terms.​

The contract will set out the responsibilities, the schedule for coaching sessions, costs including any 'extras' or expenses and, most importantly, payment terms. 

As a trained and qualified coach there will be times when something comes up which is outside of my skill set. I will never assume to advise on areas which require other interventions.

Finally, change can only come when you commit to being transparent and are prepared to take action.