Setting hearts goals, the spiritually, healthy, wealthy way

Setting hearts goals, the spiritually, healthy, wealthy way

Although I appreciate the structure and focus that setting SMART goals gives you, I prefer to set hearts goals. It’s a different way to focus on what you want.

A different way to set your goals – connecting to your hearts goals

Whatever you want in life, getting to the real heart of what you want is critical (I believe) to your success. When you set goals or outcomes if you don’t like the word goals, you are programming your mind to say ‘you have already accomplished these things” Of course, you do have to take action. When you set hearts goals you are taking this one step further and ensuring that your heart is cool with the goals.

When you set hearts goals you are checking with your heart that this is the right goal and then you are programming your mind to get ready, set and go.

To ensure that your goals are met you need to work on your motivation. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is responsible amongst other things motivation and focus. First things first start your goal setting session with some delicious dopamine boosting foods, such as raw chocolate, almonds, beets, bananas, nuts and seeds, oats and avocado. Straight away I can see my breakfast of nuts, seeds, oats, banana and almond milk, lunch of seed crackers and avocado and my dinner of beetroot fritters with salad, followed by a chocolate chia pudding.

Next go for a walk, enjoying the fresh air and taking some time to simply reflect on what your goals might be. Record your thoughts if that helps, otherwise, walk, breathe and cogitate.

When you get back, grab your beautiful colour pens and a roll of brown paper and get ready to set your goals.

Setting your hearts goals

Have a go and see where it takes you. Smile, breathe and have fun.

Heart: Put one hand on your heart and one on your solar plexus. Close your eyes and ask. Listen to your heart, is this the right goal for right now? How does it contribute to your health, wellbeing and happiness right now?

Earth: Put your bare feet on the ground and ask how grounded is this goal in reality? We need to make sure that the goals that you set are achievable, so think about connecting you and them to Mother Earth.

Authentic: Put your hand back on your heart. Is this goal consistent with your values? Everything you do must be according to your values, otherwise you are not being true to you and this goal will never become a reality.

Realistic: Breathe deeply and focus. When we ask about reality it is about looking at your other priorities and commitments and making sure that you can ‘do it’ in the timescales set.

Time: Being accountable and having measures means that you can check if you have met your goal as set out in the original plan. If the timeframe is not realistic, change the timeframe, alter the goal, outsource some tasks or ask for help. What strategies can help you manage your time?

Soul and spirit: Focus inwards and check that these goals also resonate with your soul and will keep the flame of your spirit burning

Gift: Give yourself the gift of reflection. Set your goal and then reflect upon whether it is the right goal, it is realistic, you can measure it and it is achievable in the timeframe that you set.

Optimism: Smile. Being positive, believing in you and visualising a successful outcome will really help to keep you focused.

Audacious: Laugh wildly. Is this goal wild enough??? Make it bigger, bright and bolder – make it shine and add a few stars –how does that feel? This is about stepping out of your comfort zone and really going for it.

Life: Remember to live your life whilst going after your goals. Make time for love, laughter and fun.

Strengths: Maximise your strengths, these will help you keep going when the going feels tough.

Now set your hearts goals (outcomes)

carve your goals on your heart

Goal (Write this is the present tense ‘as if’ you have already achieved it)

I am a successful author, my last non-fiction books is a bestseller and my first children’s book received an amazing award.

I am incredibly healthy, my relationship with food is healed, I speak my truth and every day I enjoy great nutrition which is perfect for my mind, body, soul and spirit.

Tasks (jobs, activities or whatever word resonates with you)

Don’t think you can get way with just writing it as if and that all there is, now we want some action!

Write down ALL the tasks you need to do to ensure that your goal becomes a reality.


Put dates next to all of the tasks. This will keep you focused and on track. Pop them in your calendar with a different sound alert.


Which tasks are a priority and which are dependent on something else being done first. Oh no, this is starting to look like a project plan… Change the name and call it a heart plan and either make a list if you love lists or use colour and post its if you love the randomness and creativity of bits of paper. Turn the keywords into a piece of art and put it on your wall.


Add how long you think each task will take.

Get out your calendar and diarise all of this now. Certain kinds of tasks will be better for certain times and certain days – you know you, so choose wisely. E.g. you wouldn’t want to do something really high energy just before bed! Check out the lunar cycles. A great time to start a new goal / project is when the moon is waxing, that is, from the New Moon to the Full Moon. Finishing projects during the waning phase, that is, from the Full Moon to the New Moon. Of course, you can start a goal anytime you like, however by attuning to nature you are in universal flow.

What goals does your heart tell you to create, how will setting your hearts goals support your dreams and desires?


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Amanda - May 30, 2016

I really enjoyed this post and what a lovely way to set goals. I am going to try this exercise and of course stock up on natural dopamine foods to kick myself into gear.


    JMAdmin - May 30, 2016

    Thanks Amanda. It’s incredible isn’t it that something as simple as our diet can help our motivation. Good luck with getting into gear.

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