Introduction to chakra wounds - throat chakra

Introduction to chakra wounds – throat chakra

Chakra wounds are the invisible wounds that are either created in this life or carried through from previous lives.

There are seven (or more) chakras which are energy points in your body. This vital life force works with other systems of the body to help you maintain your health. When wounded dis-ease manifests, emotionally and physically. This manifestation can take many years to be realised. When it does, it will show itself as that which is connected to that particular chakra. You can have more that one chakra wound, however, there will be a priority order in which they need to be healed. As you heal one, you will find yourself healing others by the very nature of the actions you take.

The throat chakra is your communication centre, which is located in the throat and is about seeking and speaking your truth, expressing yourself and listening. Organ wise it is the mouth and throat and from the endocrine system, the thyroid. A challenge here might be doubt over your message and fear of visibility. Fear of any kind will create stress in your body.

Imagine how my mum must have felt after an extremely traumatic 48 hours labour feeling exhausted and in despair, thinking that her baby was dead. When I was born, there was something stuck in my throat, and I wasn’t breathing.

The quick thinking nurse dislodged the phlegm, and I arrived. A few years later I swallowed a toy and mum once again watched as I stopped breathing, another quick thinking woman came to the rescue and said toy was removed from my throat. I was not allowed a Lucky Bag, but somehow I had one and managed to swallow the suckered arrow.

Not content to have almost died twice I also had a life threatening infection in my mastoid bone. Like many had the usual sore throats but nothing more serious until I found out that I had a thyroid issue.

It is well documented that we learn from the adults around us. The words that they used and their actions create lasting impressions in our subconscious minds. Later as adults, these come to manifest in a variety of ways. For example, my dad would say ‘children should be seen and not heard’. This simple phrase says to me your opinions are unimportant, what you have to say is of no interest to me. He also said ‘you can do anything you want until you get caught’ this says to me, yeah get out there and do it but be careful you will be found out as a fraud.

When the thyroid issue raised its head, it certainly caused me to explore further what my body wanted me to know. I sat quietly, and I wrote. Working with my Reiki therapist revealed that some my chakras were also out of balance, and my throat chakra was a bit of a mess (which of course I knew). Typically it will not just be one chakra or element that is out of alignment; it is several, however, in this instance, the throat is a priority.

If you explore the four aspects of self, mind, body, soul and spirit, you will discover the root of your chakra wounds and through creating your personal healing protocol find a way to sort it out. Sorting it out could mean working with your doctor, coach/counsellor/psychotherapist/hypnotherapist, Reiki or another energy practitioner, and communicating directly with your body.

I am unsure where my throat chakra wound started; it could be this life or a past life (something to explore). I had some physical problems early on and words that have affected me emotionally. The knock on of this created emotional disharmony over many years across many aspects of my life, for example, careers and relationships, ultimately leading to a physical problem at the throat chakra. Had I dealt with these issues potentially I would not have ended up with a thyroid problem. It could have easily been ear problems. Regardless, the net result was a complete slowdown, so that I could deal with the wound, heal this and then be able to move onto other wounds that need addressing.

Creating a healing plan to heal your chakra wounds

This requires careful consideration. I would recommend that you do plenty of research, talk to a wide range of trusted people and most importantly check in with yourself. Work holistically (science and complementary). Never undertake drastic measures, nor do one thing in isolation.

Regarding a healing plan and I can only tell you what I would consider.


My first reaction is to always cleanse my colon and consider what in my diet may not serve me. In this instance, I read several scientific papers linking gluten to thyroid issues and thyroid issues to osteoporosis. Number one baddie to go then is gluten, along with any sugar that may have crept back in. It’s easy to be slack when you don’t realise you are at risk. As I don’t drink coffee this is easy to eliminate, however, my black tea addiction had been growing, so out that went along with the delicious white wine I was enjoying with my dinner.

As an extra precaution I have also eliminated, for now, the nightshade family of foods – tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, potatoes and goji berries (would you believe?)). I add in a cleansing clay (which I drink) in case there is any candida or parasites and do enemas. Then once I have decided what needs swapping out, either permanently or temporarily, food wise, I decide what to swap in thus ensuring that I maintain a healthy balanced diet. As an additional measure, I will consider potential supplementation. As a vegetarian bordering on vegan, for example, it is important to ensure that I am getting enough B12. And finally, because of cleansing, I’ll add in a course of probiotics or kefir.

In case you are wondering if I will be surviving on a lettuce leaf, think again. I am making bread, cookies and crackers and reviewing and experimenting with loads of fabulous recipes. My diet has just got a whole lot more creative and delicious. A side benefit is that this creative activity is energetically nourishing me.


Consider that if your voice is never heard, how angry that may make you feel. Anger lives in the liver. Therefore along with cleansing the colon – how we digest life, the liver (anger) will also need to be flushed cleansed. I do this with castor oil packs on the liver. I never drink castor oil – yuk. Alongside this, I am journaling and reflecting and will potentially talk to a hypnotherapist (or similar).


I adore Angelic Reiki, reflexology, massage and Bowen. These treatments provide me with a way to remove stuck energy and to promote the body’s innate healing wisdom that works alongside my personal self-healing.


Without a doubt, I work with my doctor. It is important to have tests (e.g. blood) and scans and to understand what their standard treatment plan is. Then consider how to integrate this. Also, look at the system that your issue is part of, in this instance the endocrine system. What does that tell you? Are there other things that you can do, for example, reduce your stress so that you do not overload the adrenals which help the body to deal with physical and emotional stress. I understand if learning about physiology and anatomy is not your thing, it does, however, fascinate me.

What else will help to heal throat chakra wounds?

Being heard

When this chakra is in balance, you find it easy to stand up for what you believe in, being able to say no and sharing what you have to say with confidence. You are also able to listen actively to others, which is an important aspect of communication.

Record yourself speaking about you. I AM …. is a powerful auditory exercise. You can also do this as a journaling exercise. Use words of empowerment such as I am, I love, I create, etc. to replace negative ones.


Imagine going through life not having your voice heard, now imagine that if you are doing this to someone else. How might they feel? When you are in balance, you can support others by listening to their voice so that they too can feel valued.

Practice listening to others and listening to your words of empowerment recording. Start to notice when you say things like I hate something about my body. Catch yourself before you utter the words and say something different. It works, I promise.


The throat chakra is additionally our ability to manifest what we want in this life. Imagine being able to create a vision for your future and manifesting it. Start creating a vision (written or a vision board) and practise visualising it. Use your energy to create the relevant actions to bring it into being.


The colour associated here is blue. Put blue crystals on your throat, wear blue scarves, imagine blue at this chakra, when self-healing send blue energy in.

Cutting cords

Look at your reason, season, lifetime lesson people and cut the cords of people who do not value you or what you have to say.

Your chakra wound words

Make a list of the things that your parents and other significant adults have said to you. Write about these, examining what they mean to you, how they have impacted you and what you can do to change the impact?

Ask your body, soul and spirit what they want you to know

Always remember to ask and reflect. Collate all of your research, listen to your intuition and ask your body what it wants you to know.

And finally

This may seem like a long old process. It may seem daunting, and you can feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to do all of this ‘just for your health’. Without your health you have nothing. You are worth a spiritually, healthy, wealthy body and life – aren’t you? Yes, you may start with great gusto, falter and self-sabotage. That’s ok stop, reflect and start again. Ultimately it is about choice.

I get that you may have a life-threatening illness, or you may need surgery, which is why I can only tell you about what is happening in my life and what I would do for me. My hope is that it inspires you to look at all aspects of your issues, illness and challenges and that you work out what works for you and you make the choice that you are valuable and worthy of this effort.


List of Nightshade Veggies and Fruits

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Writer, author, book coach, conscious woman and mum to three beautiful dogs. Living in the hills in Spain watching the world from a distance and drinking tea are just a part of what I fill my days with. That is when I am not writing or walking said dogs.

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