If not now when? Change your diet now!

If not now when? Change your diet now!

Change your diet are words that many people do not want to hear or say ‘yeah when I’ and then never do. It’s easier to remain with low energy, bad guts or aching joints than to focus on the vision that they want for their health.

I know it’s tough, been there and got the t-shirt and yeah I am a smug git. But equally, I can throw my toys out of the pram when I have to make things from scratch or a restaurant does not listen to my requirements.

After sorting out an over active thyroid, the consequences of not eating well are scary and I like feeling full of energy.

But there are times when even with the best intentions I can slip.

Last week I went on hols with my mum and it was difficult to find things to eat, so I compromised where I could. But then (shock horror) I had ice cream and frozen yoghurt. These are things that I wouldn’t normally eat, because I do not eat processed sugar and cow’s milk. In addition, on one of the days, my mum was not well and all kind of fainty so I bought her some horrible sweet thing – which I had a nibble of.

When I got home, I went to lunch with friends and while the first two courses were ultra healthy, I opted for gluten free dessert, which still contained sugar, and I indulged with ice cream. My body was craving it by now. I hadn’t noticed that I was craving, only that where I’d normally sit out dessert, I wanted this.

That evening I itched like mad. My arms were on fire. I knew that I had f**ked up and eaten too much sugar. Now I was paying for my desires and it hurt.

Interesting isn’t how easy it is to change your diet for the worse and how difficult it seems to change it for the better?

So what to do? It would be easy to let my cruel mind take over and just eat more crap until my body gets used to the poison again. Or I could just say no.

My choice is always no matter where I find myself, to not make excuses or say oh just one more or when I…

I chose in that moment to take action.

My action was to acknowledge and thank my body for her horrible message and to make sure I go out equipped with things that I can eat. How hard can it be to put some of my banana bread in my bag? My mum also has instructions to take gluten free sweet things with her, in case of another fainty moment. (Poor mum with such a bossy daughter)

So, my question for you today is…

What have you let slip in your diet that you could just stop in this moment? Not when, if, maybe, but, after, before – right now.

How can you change your diet to suit a new way of eating?

When I gave up sugar, I switched to making raw chocolate sweets, truffles and cakes with fruit sugars, bananas, dates, apples and even beetroot. I tried honey, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, stevia and lacuma amongst the many alternatives available. As I created each new recipe I worked what flavours I liked where.

Later as my diet changed to gluten free, I experimented with types of flours and pea protein until I found what worked where. I also tried several different things to substitute for eggs and made a few vegan cakes.

As nightshades went, I learnt how to use other vegetables in interesting ways. No longer eating tomatoes, sauces are made from other ingredients to great effect. Chips / potato wedges are made from sweet potatoes, as are crisps.

My tip is to look at what you can eat. Find a recipe for something you’d like to make, get an idea of the methodology and ask yourself what can you substitute what with. Read up on different ingredients so that you can understand how they work. Test things and see what happens when you do certain things.

I have a basic banana bread recipe, that doesn’t always contain bananas, is not always sweet and gets made in lots of ways so that I can have variety. When beetroots were in season, I made this with them and raw chocolate – it was divine. Mum made one with cheese, also yum.

Start with something simple, get a feel for things, use your intuition and experiment. If it’s a fail, as long as there’s no chocolate the dogs will always eat it. Or you can soak your cake in Amaretto, add chocolate mousse (made with avocado) and fruit and hey presto you have a dessert.

Please share your recipe adaptations as you learn to change your diet.


Writer, author, book coach, conscious woman and mum to three beautiful dogs. Living in the hills in Spain watching the world from a distance and drinking tea are just a part of what I fill my days with. That is when I am not writing or walking said dogs.

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