Your food as a weapon of mass destruction-

Your food as a weapon of mass destruction?

As you sit down to your toast and jam, Weetabix, milk and honey, fry up or healthy home made muesli with almond milk, I invite you to consider if your diet is serving you. Is the food you are eating is being used as a weapon of mass destruction? Are we being controlled by the food industry… or someone else more sinster? (asked with a wry smile).

Currently, I am doing a detox, and my head is fuzzy, my body aches and my energy is limited. Today is a better day and three weeks into the detox.

The detox was initiated when I came back from a visit to the doctor who advised me that I have an over active thyroid. This, I thought (positively) can be sorted via my diet. After some research, I decided to go gluten free, the first benefits of this were that my usually swollen tum was not so Buddha like. At the same time, I gave up my glass of wine with dinner and black tea (bye bye Earl Grey). After a horrible reaction to L-Glutamine, for some bizarre reason I decided to look at my tongue. It was a gorgeous white furry object and thought yikes possible candida albicans overgrowth, better knock out what little sugar and yeast I consume too. For good measure, I also decide to eliminate the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, abubergines, peppers, goji berries among other things). Almost straight away I couldn’t crack my fingers and thumbs which I have been doing for years.

Work from a clean system as your base line

My theory is if I clean my system, then I can work out what I can add in by testing my reaction to each in turn. That way I design my diet for life.

Can you be arsed?

This is all well and good, but imagine if I was a person who couldn’t be arsed to give up certain foods. Nothing would change and in fact things would probably get worse.

My situation aside, consider the food that is available. How fresh is it? How many chemicals have been used to produce it, or to preserve it so that it lasts longer?

Are synthetic foods safe? As someone who is taking supplements (vegan and as natural as possible) temporarily, one hopes so. But what of other artificial foods, the ones full of chemicals?

I guess that the government would say yes and that the chemicals have been tested and approved so why not? Is the government to be trusted? You tell me?

In the good old days, perhaps in a previous life and certainly in my great grandmother’s day, food preservation would have been via fermentation, drying, salting and pickling. These methods would have naturally changed the chemical structure of the foods and helped to build a barrier against nasties and decay. Later, the food processing industry would discover other ways of preserving food and while not an expert in this, I imagine some of the preservatives are from natural sources and chemically altered in the lab and others are chemically created from who knows what. (I told you I wasn’t an expert) Today food comes in packets, cans, and jars. These foods will have been dried, frozen or placed in a solution of some kind.

There are many benefits to food preservation such as consistency of product, flavour and availability. Here in lies a problem, why would you want anyone to play with your taste buds and force you to like a chemically altered food? What’s wrong with eating seasonally available foods and extending your diet and recipe repertoire?

Mass production of food makes it cheaper for the food companies. It may be cheap, but is it right for you? What of the cost of any long-term health problems for you and the health service? What effect does processed food have on your gut, your brain and the rest of your systems? Why would you want to eat food that has had the nutrients destroyed through preservation and had them chemically added?

You may argue that you have ‘no time’ to prepare and cook fresh foods from scratch. Is that because you would rather watch a soap opera when you could be nourishing your body with delicious food?

Ok, I’ll confess I have been there, done that, got the microwave, quick food t-shirt. I have eaten crap food and harmed my body in the process.

Today I am awake, aware and much more conscious, and no matter how tired I am, I focus on how much I will enjoy my dinner if I choose fresh organic produce. I always make too much so that on lazy days I have a freezer full of ‘quick’ meals.

Yesterday, I fancied cookies so made a tiny batch of 5, along with bean burgers. The whole process took me 30 minutes.

Yes, it takes time to think about what to eat. I often open my fridge and whinge that I have nothing to eat, yet it is crammed with vegetables. This is when I have to pick myself up by my boots and get my thinking cap on.

The bottom line is that I love me enough to be arsed. I also love the creative process involved in finding and experimenting with new recipes. They don’t all work out, however, that’s about learning how to use new ingredients.

Has food become a weapon of mass destruction?

It is my belief that by adding chemicals to food at any part of the process is tantamount to poisoning the human race. Every chemical that we pour into our bodies is adding to some ‘evil plot’ (had to get a conspiracy theory in here somewhere) to brainwash the human race.

Are we being controlled through the food chain? If we are kept in a brain fog, how can we stand up and change the world? If our food poisons us who stands to benefit, the food and drug companies? Although I am proud that our scientists have found ways to improve and save lives.

Luckily more and more people are waking up to the way that our food has been tampered with. More and more want to fill their bodies with light energy as they become spiritually aligned and are working with the light for their journey home.

Watch the language of food

This is good for you because it’s fortified with vitamins, it’s low fat, low sugar, natural, home-made or made with whole grains…

No, it’s not!

Some food is not good for you. Home made means you make it at home. If you are gluten intolerant, some grains are a health hazard. Low fat and low sugar mean that your food has been altered with something horrible.

Do not let the marketers brainwash you.

Whatever your point of view and even if you think I am being dramatic, consider this. What if by changing your diet you could reduce or throw away your pills? What if the right food helped you to think more clearly and gave you better energy? What if by creating a diet for your life your years on Earth were healthy years that you could enjoy? What if your diet helped you to naturally find your ideal weight and you didn’t have to follow any dieting plans again? What if you didn’t get the diseases that your family suffers from?

What if you loved yourself enough to not follow the crowd and eat and drink what suits you?

Am I well behaved?

Er, no. I still buy my beans in jars, my wheatgrass in packets, my supplements although vegan, come in plastic containers, my water comes in plastic bottles (you cannot drink the tap water here), and among other things my teabags in boxes.

At present, I do not have land to grow veggies, but I am looking at how I can achieve this, starting with herbs in boxes hung on walls. Where I can, I pick wild herbs in the rambla. As each product I own runs out I am looking for better options. Where I can I will make changes and it will be done one step at a time. I believe it is about doing the best you can for yourself and your environment.

Here’s to your good health!


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