Creating fun personal stories

Creating fun personal stories

Sometimes we can get caught in the pain of our personal stories and find it difficult to let go. I should know, my wake up call story occasionally comes to bite me on the bum when I am least expecting it.

When I first embarked on my solo voyage, I was going to write a book called The Double Life of Dickie Quick. However enthusiastic I was I could only manage to write small portions of it, until I got to a point when I thought, sod it, I am NOT going to write this book.

Recently though as I have been writing my current book (part of the Conscious Woman’s Guides) Tapping Into Your Divine Inner Wisdom, my thoughts have once again turned to writing this book. I’m feeling devilish and want some fun.

In this current book, one of the exercises that I suggest to my readers is turning painful stories into something creative and fun. It’s something that I often do.

When faced with something that is ‘antagonising’ me, while out walking I will write a story in my head. When I get home, I quickly pen it in my journal and find that my mood has lifted beautifully.

These stories rarely have a happy ending for my victims.

They can die from ‘accidental’ poisoning, garrotting or in the case of this next story exposure in a short story and potential novel.

The double life of Dickie Quick

Margo couldn’t remember why she opened the computer lid, but the picture of her husband’s penis made her realise that something was afoot. 30 minutes flashed by as she discovered more about him than she had ever known in their five years together.

Two years ago he had declared himself impotent, due he said to his enlarged prostate. Devastated that the man she was about to marry wouldn’t be capable of sex anymore, she insisted more urgently that they get some sex counseling. She had tried for years to get Dickie to make love to her, instead of his urgent and quick stabbing, but to no avail.

Now she knew why he didn’t need sex therapy; he was getting illicit thrills from a multitude of random women he’d met on Facebook and other unsavoury places.

Blood rushed to places she hadn’t realised existed, simultaneously her heart hurt and deceit boomed in her ears; she was lost to instinct and the need to survive. She checked that he was still sleeping, a usual Saturday night occurrence, and headed back to the kitchen table.

Within 2 hours she had collected everything she needed. Closing the computer lid her mind was alive with possibilities. It was still early, and a quick text to Monty, her agent, said simply ‘I have it Monty, the outline for my next novel.’ Monty had been waiting for five impatient months for Margo to get off her arse and stop using her boring home life as an excuse. Hearing the rushed and whispered outline, his instructions were simple – write the damn synopsis and get it to him before doing anything else.

By 3.30am it was done. Her husband slept soundly. She eyed the knives, too quick and not enough pain she deduced.

Touching his leg gently she roused her errant husband. ‘Dickie darling’ she purred ‘come and look at the inspiration for my next book.’

When I discovered what Dickie Quick had been up to, the very same week our creative writing class was having an open mike session. We had been tasked to bring along a short (300 words) story to read out. I found that both the writing and reading aloud helped immensely.

Turn your pain into a personal story

The way that I find that this works for me is that I go into a trance. I can do this almost anywhere. Walking provides the best way because I am moving forwards and I can move the story with each step. As I walk, I create a play in my head, imagining scenes, holding conversations and conjuring up a wicked punch line.

You could try it with a mobile phone and record if you don’t think you will remember. Do be careful as you may get arrested for talking about murder.

When the story in your head is complete, be sure to write it down as soon as you can.

Please do share. I’d love to know how you found the experience.

Tapping into your divine inner wisdomInspiration from the book The Conscious Woman’s Guide: Tapping into your divine inner wisdom (release date 6th December 2016)


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