Forgiveness, faith and love
How is your Sunday?   Today started with that awful urgency to wee. This is day four of a parasite[...]
How To Forgive Others And Find Personal Contentment
When you can forgive others you will find a way to forgive yourself and then personal contentment will find you[...]
10 Powerful Ways Of Knowing That You Are On Your True Life Path
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Spontaneity and the flow of your creativity and joy
When was the last time that I did anything in the moment? This was the question I asked myself when[...]
Unboxing the many parts of me that stand in the way of my dreams
This journaling exercise will allow you to explore your hidden desires. It's all about unboxing the many parts of you[...]
This Is The Year To Create A Healthy Heart Connection
This year you will find me making many references to the heart, sometimes as a physical organ and how to[...]
Celebrating your birth day
Tomorrow is the anniversary of my birth day. I didn’t slide quietly into this life. My poor mum had a[...]
Love letter to you
Today I am compelled to write a love letter to you. This isn’t filled with platitudes or anything nice, this[...]
My writing gets an enema
I am laying with the enema tube inserted strategically in my rectum and unsure of what to expect. Jeff Brown[...]
I have no apologies for my inner child
There is no apology. Apologies says failure, and I have not failed me. Failures are perceived as a way to[...]
If not now when? Change your diet now!
Change your diet are words that many people do not want to hear or say 'yeah when I' and then[...]
The child that stands in the way of my writing
Just when I least expect it, she appears. ‘Why are you writing that?’ She enquires. I don’t always write what[...]
Whispers from dad
I found a penny, not any old penny, but an old penny from you. Lying on the path to remind[...]
Creating fun personal stories
Sometimes we can get caught in the pain of our personal stories and find it difficult to let go. I[...]
Letting go and decluttering your heart
What is it about hanging on to the sludgy parts of life? Do we really need to carry so much[...]