And another day begins, perspective and gratitude

And another day begins, perspective and gratitude

My today started in the early hours. I wasn’t expecting a lesson in perspective and gratitude. Unusually for me I was arriving home after midnight (not on my broomstick, she was in for a service) after a wonderful Costa Women meeting. The evening had started at 7 and ended at 11.40; not your traditional networking get together. I left feeling knackered after my feet had been McAndrewed that afternoon. Deb had sent me home across the mountain with an instruction to sleep. Yeah with three dogs how would I manage that?

I grabbed half an hour on the terrace in the sun. I’d planned on an hour, but my thoughts were being interrupted rather rudely by some news. Truth be told, I was naffed off. No, the world was not a turnip, and we were about to be eaten with haggis. Just news which left me wondering if the person playing The Earth Game was ‘aving a larf with me.

Arriving home, I’d planned a cheeky vino, a tickle with the pooches and a quick social media catch up before bed. The vino became hot chocolate as I read my messages. More news. It would appear that the Game was having more larfs.

As a distraction I wandered into world news,  a plane lost, one (of 200) of the Nigerian kidnapped girls has been found (and another today, so many still missing), futile wars, a Trump trying to be president, famine, abuse, corruption and more. It’s no wonder that I don’t want to read the news. It’s not a good place on the dark side of the moon.

Meanwhile on the other side of the moon…

Tomorrow in case you weren’t already an emotional gibbering mess is a seasonal blue moon. If a season (spring, summer, winter, autumn) has four full moons, then the third full moon is called a blue moon, in farming parlance. In spiritual parlance, the one tomorrow is a blue moon in Sagittarius (my sign, please pop 6th December in your diary, all presents accepted), aligned apparently with limitless possibilities and fate.

Embrace the magic of the blue moon

Photo: Depositphotos: Avesun

Whatever you can think and believe. You can achieve. Believe in your dreams coming true. Believe in the power of your mind. Change your thoughts and you will change your world.

So what of fate?

So many people I know have been slowed down, stopped and departed this planet (for now, will they want to come back?) recently. For what I wonder? Is this blue moon about to reveal something? Might it be a turning point? Will our fates be revealed?

I won’t know until later will I? As Steve Jobs says ‘you can only connect the dots backwards.’

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path; and that will make all the difference.”

Steve Jobs 2005

Walking and reflecting

This morning, tired and sad I headed out of the door with just two pooches (Marley and Angel). Ferdy getting older and more cronky wouldn’t get off the bed. My eyes leaked as I wandered around, not for me, but because of the interactions and messages I had received in recent days. I have passed another friends cancer blog journey to five others. Every time I have heard the news I want to scoop them all up and hold them in my arms and tell them that it will be ok. It will be eventually. This is their fate, their pre ordained destiny, their lesson, their whatever the fuck you want to call it. It’s not all been about cancer, I hasten to add, for good measure there’s been some other life changing stuff too.

This sodding moon thing is making me cry. Cry because even if I won all the money in all of the lotteries, there are just some things I cannot change. And probably wouldn’t given my belief that this is as I’ve said all pre-ordained. We choose what part we wanted to play in The Earth Game – didn’t we?

The walk was lovely if a little wet (tears not rain). Walking has saved my life. With my feet firmly planted on Mother Earth and to be cradled in her love, I can reflect on anything and usually arrive home happier.

Walking has saved my life

The dogs well, they are a bonus, living in the moment and fascinated by smells and movement. I cannot do anything but laugh when I am with them.

I arrived home and cried some more – damn that moon again.

Perspective and gratitude

The upshot is that I am alive and well. It is all a matter of perspective. I’ve had my challenges. I have my challenges. They shrink into nothingness when I consider others. I’m strong and courageous, self-aware, capable, wise, loving and resourceful. Grateful for the challenges that makes me who I am. Grateful that I can offer a hug, love or something more practical. Grateful for this journey that brings me to this point even with tears for the helplessness I feel. I cannot change what I cannot change, but I can change my perspective and remember to be grateful for the place of contentment I have reached and the love that I can share.

Grab life and relish every moment, please.


Writer, author, book coach, conscious woman and mum to three beautiful dogs. Living in the hills in Spain watching the world from a distance and drinking tea are just a part of what I fill my days with. That is when I am not writing or walking said dogs.

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Jules - May 20, 2016

Ahh yes, the moon. She pulls us and our water rises up to the surface. Tidal emotions need to be spent in deep contemplation. Add a love hug from me to give to your friends. I wish them well. ❤️

carolyn - May 20, 2016

Hugs from me, it’s good that your friends have someone like you to support them x

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