The Journey Of The Conscious Woman

Commit to following this 52 week healing journey. We'll follow the flow of the chakras and tap into your innate wisdom

Join us for a 52 week healing journey

This magical journey has been designed to guide you through the next 52 weeks.

This will be fun as well as healing. 

I have no idea what your outcome will be other than you will discover so much more about who you are, who you want to become and what you want to create in the world.

Your Week

Each day there will be a small something to focus on which will invite you to explore yourself. The weeks will follow the flow of the chakras. We'll add in the new and full moons as well as the seasonal elements.



Word of the week and affirmation. This sets the tone for the week. It will spark memories and ignite your inspiration.


Mind, body and soul. This is designed to help you to focused on what you want to heal. A tiny bit of accountabilty to support you.



The wisdom within. A simple journaling prompt that invites introspection.



This is a day to pause, breathe and observe.  This day is designed to encourage you to create a deeper heart connection.



Gratitude and celebration. Say thank you and celebrate all of your successes no matter how large or small.

The Weekend


Rest, reflect and integrate. The weekends are for you to reflect and integrate what comes up in the week.

Trust the process, go with the flow. It doesn't matter where you start or if you miss a day, you simply go at your pace.

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