10 steps to a system reboot

10 steps to a system reboot

This full moon (21st May 2016), the blue one, is having a profound effect on what I want to eat. I feel as if I need to reboot my system. The moon not only affects the Earths water it also affects the water in our bodies. It is though I feel pulled to make some changes. My tummy feels bloated and for me this is not just about food, but some personal things that I am processing, or in this case digesting. The changes I want to make are not radical, more small ones that will count. My diet is already healthy, but as with anything, there is always room for improvement. Improvement for me is to explore other ways of eating. For example, I have bought a dehydrator and some sprouting jars. The dehydrator is getting its airing first as there are some amazing recipes in a book that I have. Because of what I typically like to eat for lunch – I am a cracker monster, I thought I’d start with crackers. Plus there is another recipe for raw chocolate brownies and they are calling my name.

The full moon is an excellent time to do a system reboot. If you are a fan of fasting, then you might want to fast on full moon day. Alternatively, if you love juicing, then your full moon day could be slurping juices. My full moon day is comprising of smoothie for breakfast, juice for lunch and a salad (veg, salad stuff and seeds) for dinner, with water and none caffeine teas.

Emotionally the last few days have been, well, emotional and I have cried a lot. My eldest dog is listless and his arthritis is playing him up. Add in the unexplained weight loss and I am in a mess. He is only eight and not allowed to leave me yet. His diet has been going through an overhaul and today he had some of my green juice. In fact, he lapped it up. Not looking forward to the doggy farts later…

This is my reboot day. It as if the moon is calling me to change. It occurred to me that rebooting you is a process and this is the process I am following and would like to share.

1. Keep an open mind

Expect the unexpected regarding what your body wants and how you can feed your mind, body, soul and spirit. If you feel called to give something up or add something in that doesn’t immediately make sense, just go with it. Embrace possibilities, opportunities and suggestions.

2. Journal

Journaling is brilliant for discovering what you want to say to yourself. Switch off your conscious mind and just write. You will gain lots of clarity for your reboot when you write without judgement. Also, journal about this journey, what you eat, how you feel, your energy, people you meet, ideas that come to you and anything else that crops up.

3. Check in with your body, mind, soul and spirit

I was feeling bloated and when I asked my body, it asked for raw, simple and a gentle colon cleanse. In addition, I cannot be around angry people with dense energy. There is something naffing me, so this makes sense. How is your body communicating to you? What messages are you picking up? Pay attention to these as these are part of what is going to help you reboot your system. Our bodies talk all of the time; sadly we often ignore what it is saying. So pay close attention.

4. Colon cleanse – gentle

If you can imagine your intestines full of mucus and gunk. This is the accumulation of years of unhealthy eating and emotional debris. It’s time to be gentle with it. Make plans to help clear out the gunk and create a clean slate from which to work from. If you feel called to cleanse with herbs, powders, juices or an enema then do. It’s important that you do what is appropriate for your body. I sat with a tennis ball and massaged mine (gently of course). Personally, I feel that the digestive system and what goes in needs close attention as it what feeds everything else. Good health starts with your gut. It is what will power the rest of you. Remember to drink lots of water.

5. Dowse for foods

If you know how to dowse, use your pendulum to check in for foods that will nourish you. Ask good questions and become a food detective. If you don’t dowse but are intuitive, ask. Trust what comes up and use this information to make choices that will support you going forward.

6. Swap out, swap in

Although I have been known for my radical dietary changes, at this moment, I know that small changes are needed. It is far easier to swap something out and choose something to swap in, rather than just stopping something. I like to consider alternatives so that I don’t feel I am giving anything up. My choice, therefore, is to swap out the crackers that I have been eating and making my own.

7. Start your diet for life

It has taken me over 20 years to create a way of eating that suits me and I am a fan of changing to suit where you are in your life. At various life stages, my body has told me that something needs to happen. I’ve listened and changed. The biggest was when I was perimenopausal.

Your diet for life is not suddenly going on some strange diet that you will never keep up, it’s about making small lasting changes. If you acknowledge that change will be slow and aligned to what your body, mind, soul and spirit needs right now, then change will be lasting.

8. Practice self-healing

You can heal with your hands and your intention. Set your intention and have an affirmation. Place one on your heart and one on your solar plexus. Imagine roots growing from the bottom of your feet and a light from the top of your head so that you are connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Breathe in the energy from both sources and channel it to where it needs to go. Ask all of your good cells to go and support the ones that need healing. Ask for your pilot light to be rebooted. Breathe and relax. If you have a favourite way of using energy to heal, start doing it at bedtime and or in the morning.

9. Treat yourself

My favourite. Do something delicious for yourself. What would feed your soul? A new dress in a vibrant colour? A massage, spa day or time in nature? You choose.

10. Celebrate

Always celebrate. We don’t celebrate our achievements enough. How can you communicate your success if you don’t give yourself a high five? Celebration is about recognition and telling your mind that you can do it. Success and celebration is a mind thing and the more you celebrate, the more success you will cultivate. Which takes us right back to point one – have an open mind.

Next week I go on a yoga retreat and I wanted to start nourishing my body, mind, soul and spirit before I got there. This reboot is perfect and means that I have pre-prepared myself. When I get to El Nacimiento, I can fully immerse myself in the power and energy of the place, space, process and people.

What about you, do you need a gentle reboot?


Writer, author, book coach, conscious woman and mum to three beautiful dogs. Living in the hills in Spain watching the world from a distance and drinking tea are just a part of what I fill my days with. That is when I am not writing or walking said dogs.

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carolyn - May 21, 2016

According to femcentral.org, the Saggitarius moon is optimal for healing the hips, thighs, liver and sciatic nerve. Also good for starting a diet. And borrowing money 🙂
Your timing for the detox is spot on.

My hound loves green juice too.

    JMAdmin - May 22, 2016

    That makes perfect sense as all of the signs look after parts of the body.

    Detox is not fun though, my mind is on foods that I haven’t eaten for years. I think they call that self sabotage!!!

Candace Clark - May 21, 2016

Great suggestions! Loved the post! Thanks!

Jules - May 23, 2016

As usual another great post with so much information to absorb. Filling up here first before fasting may be the best idea, and eliminate the need for self sabotage. (Puns were all very much intended!) xxx

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