This Is The Year To Create A Healthy Heart Connection

This Is The Year To Create A Healthy Heart Connection

This year you will find me making many references to the heart, sometimes as a physical organ and how to have a healthy heart through nutrition and sometimes to our energetic heart centre through nourishing her. I feel drawn to creating a healthy heart connection. Or a healthier connection. To finally break the bonds that tie it to the past.

I felt that last year I was working around the throat and sacral area. My blood tests showed that I had an overactive thyroid. Which I solved with nutrition. It was also the energy centre that I struggled with most. The throat wasn’t the only centre that gained my attention; the sacral also poked its nose in and asked to be heard. As the year drew to a close, I felt a stirring to express myself creatively again and to reawaken my relationship with myself and start to think about intimate relationships.

I’ve talked about how I feel about the world of spiritual development and belief systems around the many concepts and methodologies that abound. Each to their own and my way is to use these ideas as guidance systems, not as the whole truth. The truth is what I receive when I tap into my divine inner wisdom. The truth is how I make conscious decisions about how I use what I discover. I hope that you will too.

The heart centre

I am drawn to work with my heart centre, as well as continuing this discovery into my creativity. It feels not necessarily neglected, but that it needs more attention. It also feels like this is a heart year. In numerology 2017 is the beginning of a nine-year cycle. It’s time to plant seeds for growth. In nature, seeds are planted all year. Each seed has unique requirements, and the gardener will attend to its needs as required and with love. You are your seed and your gardener, and it’s up to you to create the best environment for you to flourish.

It also feels like a year where more heart needs to come into our lives – business, projects, communities, writing, art, nutrition, travel, relationships, in fact, all areas. What could happen if we brought heart to what we do instead of mind? Many of you probably already do.I do, however, I am expressing my desire to deepen that connection and to explore my heart from many different angles.

Did you start the year with intentions? I didn’t set any in stone or write any out, more that I felt a connection to work with my heart and put it into what I do. What I did instead is to choose words to kick-start the year, they are writing, expansion and transformation. When I asked my heart for some words, I was given love, peace and harmony.  Initially, I dismissed theses words until I was asked by Allison Marlowe to check again). I have six words for how I intend to use for my year. These words could change, or they may be the whole theme. The only way I will know is to ask my heart.


Writing – I have three key projects this year, one is my heart project, which is Puppy with no name, a soul project which is Tapping into your divine inner wisdom and a core project which is turning your personal story into a book. All three projects are connected and have strategies behind them.

Expansion – this carries forward the writing. The writing will bring expansion to me, and I ask my clients to look for expansion in their work. It’s about taking a seed of an idea and expanding it so that it becomes something you feel is your passion, purpose, why and what.

Transformation – this is what happens when you work from your heart, on your heart project


Love – is connected to the heart and is Universal. We are love, there is only love, we are united by love. Love helps us to grow and supports the world to grow.

Peace – is my inner peace. Start with me and extend this to all. When a bully or aggressor comes to invade, treat them with love and remain out of the drama and stay with peace. Bring peace to your body so that in the calm you can hear your heart talking to you.

Harmony – everything has a place and balance. Good and not so good, shadows and light, day and night, acid and alkaline. Every day seek to maintain harmony.

My healthy heart connection

Through my writing and actions, being authentic, genuine, real and continuing to be kind, showing compassion, learning more about forgiveness and creating a deeper connection to my spirituality, my healthy heart connection will grow.

How do you think you give and receive love? It’s not such an easy question to answer. When you look at the word love is seems so small, just four letters, yet it has such an impact on the world.

Last year I wrote this article chakra wounds, in this instance the throat chakra. My heart has been hurt, as I am sure some of you reading this will acknowledge as a truth for you. However, my focus is not on healing those wounds; they are gone, done, over. My focus is on how to stay in the energy of my heart so that I can grow from here. It’s where I feel my spirit resides and she wants to come out to play and to explore. This needs to be in a natural connected with nature balanced way.


You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart. George Michael

Balancing the spirit with the energy of love

If a fire rages and goes out of control, untold damage will be done. In conjunction with calming the mind, it is important to balance the spirit. When you discover what keeps your fire burning, you can then focus on how you can maintain the conditions for keeping it alight. We need the energy of the flame to keep us connected to our soul and to ourselves as a divine being. Love is that energy. Often the energy of the heart becomes cluttered, and we lose sight of how to love us because of the way that we talk to ourselves. In truly being able to love us, we can then find partners, form relationships and create environments, which match that energy. How wonderful to be able to express love for others and this world from a beautiful place – our hearts.

Does creating a healthy heart connection resonate with you? If it does set your intentions and find time to open the channels for communication.

I’ll leave you with this heart meditation.


Writer, author, book coach, conscious woman and mum to three beautiful dogs. Living in the hills in Spain watching the world from a distance and drinking tea are just a part of what I fill my days with. That is when I am not writing or walking said dogs.

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Carrie Eddins - January 18, 2017

Jacqui, I love your post, I totally resonate with it. Now I am actively just working so much more from my heart and firstly I feel so very different, it’s so much easier isn’t it! I love your George Michael quote, aw what a gorgeous man. I feel more than ever we need to connect to our hearts as when we do everything changes doesn’t it! I love your guided meditation too- really lovely, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Love Carriexx

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