Tell tale signs that you are spiritually awakening

Tell tale signs that you are spiritually awakening

Life can be complicated and confusing. Without a ‘how to be human’ handbook with a special section on spiritually awakening to tell us what this is all about, we can only make assumptions about what the purpose of being human is.

If you are anything like me, you will be constantly curious and asking questions about the meaning of life and is there something before and after human existence? Pondering if this is some kind of weird reality show? Who knows? What we do know is that we exist together in this shared perception of Earthly reality. Even with all of our knowledge, science and facts, life still seems a mystery, and we often feel insecure about why we are here and what we have come to do. Naturally you could say to hell with this spiritual nonsense and just carry on as normal. But where would the fun in that be?

It is my belief that we are at the human level of our spiritual eve-olution (Eve-olution as the steady transformation into the divine feminine). There are many like me are who are feeling that something is happening that is calling us to slow it down and to embrace the emergence into a more spiritual and conscious life.

In the furthest reaches of my wild imagination, I can see myself sitting at a computer in some cosmic office deciding what I will do in my next incarnation. Then in a thrice I am whisked into a gestation lab, my human mother’s womb, where I rest until I am ready to be born. This human womb is my egg and is home until I am ready to hatch.

The butterfly emerges

Once I leave my egg (my mother’s womb) there follows a period of rapid growth somewhat akin to the emergence of the first stage of the life of a butterfly.

A butterfly has four life stages, egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly. Or five life stages if you consider that the butterfly once metamorphosed goes on to lay more eggs ready to pass her DNA and divine wisdom onto the next generation.

Fascinatingly caterpillars are born onto the right leaves which they need to eat to grow. Like these caterpillars who are birthed into the right environment, we are born onto Mother Earth, who provides us with the many kinds of nourishment we need.

The caterpillar spends it’s days eating and eating until it reaches a saturation point, it’s skin cannot hold the old self and proceeds to shed allowing the latest caterpillar version to emerge.

This shedding happens to us too. Daily growth is difficult to witness, but rest assured every day we grow physically, mentally, soulfully and spiritually. This eve-olution is miraculous yet minute in it’s progress. The time it takes to shed each layer and this phase varies from person to person.

The complexity of our humanness can hold our spiritual growth and emergence into consciousness back. If you consider that the human container is made up of substance (body), self, soul and spirit, it is no wonder that our awakening takes time. Each of these aspects of us will grow at different points until they become aligned, and the truth of our true ‘self’ becomes apparent.

The thing we call self is the mind (psychological functions), intellect, ego and it is almost as if this triple construct is what drives us or has driven us to this point. At times, it feels as if we have no choice but to act or behave in certain ways. Ways that are ingrained in us and up to this point are learned behaviours, which may no longer serve us. These ways are the conditioning that we have endured since birth. Conditions that have been set out by a team of people who were charged with looking after and guiding us in this life.

As we get older, our choices change because we have the power and freedom to decide for ourselves. We have the freedom to do what we like, but not necessarily the right thing. As time goes on more things change and we no longer feel that the world is unconnected. We start to realise that we are part of something bigger and something that we have to care for in a different way.

The slow creep of awakening

This spiritual awakening into consciousness creeps in, stealth like and you will start to get a sense that things no longer fit with your values.

Life as you know it stops. It doesn’t slowly grind to a halt, it smacks you in the face and keeps doing it until you heed the message. People leave, jobs and businesses change, an overriding knowing that you no longer know what you want ensues, leaving you feeling fed up, tired, ill and frustrated.

This overriding tiredness can signal the start of your spiritual awakening. You may fight it but sooner or later it will stop you in your tracks, and you will listen and embrace it. It’s like the child being reborn. You may have spent nine months gestating in your physical mother’s womb, however, the period of spiritual gestation (being the caterpillar) will vary from person to person.

It is my belief that we all have the opportunity to embrace our spiritual awareness at a very young age. I know I was ‘awake’ early on, but like many it frightened and confused me being different and so I conformed (to a point) to what was expected of me while still managing to mess up pretty much everything up. I gathered jobs, qualifications, toxic friends, relationships that didn’t serve me and things (lots of stuff). Naturally at the same time, I connected with some beautiful souls who are still with me, but those aside the rest is simply detritus.

Your wings were with you all along. You just needed time to unfurl them, trust that they would support your flight into the unknownThen just when I thought I had emotional pain nailed, I was stopped, physical pain brought me to my knees, and I had to stop. This is like the caterpillar moving into the pupa stage; the growing spurt is done (for now), and it’s a time to rest, consolidate and slowly transform until you can emerge as the butterfly. This enforced period of resting has been hard. I have had to dig deep into my faith and trust that all will be well. Trust that all of this waiting is for a reason. I have faith that like the caterpillar becoming the pupa I have changed, I am changing, transforming and that this metamorphosis has a bigger purpose and that the butterfly that emerges will know how to fly.

In my quiet space, I find that the endless pursuit of happiness no longer drives me, contentment with who I am and where I find myself is more of a driver. As I look deeper inside, rather than outside, connecting with my heart, I witness the wisdom of my divine feminine intelligence sharing her wonderful knowledge with me.

Signs that you are spiritually awakening

Restlessness, tiredness, and frustration hound you

If you are feeling restless, endlessly tired or have a feeling that something is not quite right, know that this is a sign that this is a part of your spiritual awakening. As the frustration clears and you learn to trust and have faith in your changed circumstances your true desires which have lain dormant start to come to light. Like the egg becoming the caterpillar changing into the pupa and then transforming into the butterfly know that you will soon be ready to fly and create something which speaks from your values and your heart.

Constant illness plagues you

This ongoing illness is the way in which the Cosmos makes sure you slow down and if you don’t, you will be forced to stop. Pay attention now and put into place things that nourish your body so that your mind, soul and spirit can dance in the light.

You feel like an emotional train wreck

Everything makes you cry. You see a constant stream of cruelty on Facebook and burst into tears because you cannot stop the inhumane way in which humans behave. You hear a happy story and tears well up. Nothing is safe from the heave in your chest and the wetness on your cheeks. You may also find yourself angry or down for no apparent reason. Know that this too will pass.

Your interests change

The party animal begins to find new ways to experience life. You are no longer happy to lose control under the influence of alcohol; you are more likely to be found at a yoga retreat or in a tranquil coffee shop gassing with like-minded friends. You find yourself alone in nature and taking workshops to raise your vibration. Your friends start to wonder how you became to be so ‘woo woo’. Happily you don’t care what they think as you know that if they love you, they will accept and love you just as you are.

You learn to listen to your body and eat what it needs

One day you are happy munching fish and chips and the next it’s just chips. Eating anything with a face becomes an abhorrence. Soon you have invested in a Nutri bullet and are making delicious smoothies and juices. Out goes cows milk and in comes home made almond milk. Sprouting jars take up space on your windowsill. Raw chocolate and goji berries are daily foods and not some far out alien dessert. Soon your body tells you what it needs, and you listen and obey. You create a diet that is unique to you and your lifestyle. You feel great, and your energy is super fizzy.

Intolerances increase

Where once you were able to eat anything, you will begin to notice that your belly swells or your nose runs when you eat certain things. Other foods kill your energy. You start to understand which foods react to you, and you begin to eliminate them from your diet. This is a part of listening to your bodies innate intelligence.

Soul contracts end

You find yourself repeating lessons and coming into contact with people who no longer serve you. Once you notice the signs (yep that thump on your nose as you butt up against rude ignorant people is a sign), you can begin to make these soul contracts null and void. You delight in cutting cords, sending them love and walking away. Embrace these rather than trying to sweep them under the carpet. The more often you realise that you are looping past issues, the sooner you can end the cycle. I promise you will start to laugh at your ability to fuck things up and as quickly observe that ‘you’ve done it again.’ Panic not, you will be able to spot the people and situations so that you can swerve in the opposite direction faster than a speeding bullet.

Events change your life dramatically

Abrupt changes in life’s circumstances leave you feeling temporarily bewildered but ready to embrace the adventures in front of you. I find myself in the company of many women who out of the blue are single and willing to understand that they are at the start of an incredible journey into who they are and finding fulfilment. They know that this end is simply the beginning of their purpose for being.

The need to stick to your values

While you will always have had a set of values by which you live, now it is important that these are taken to a new level of integrity. Nothing will stand in the way of what you believe to be right. You stop trying to please others and please yourself.

You begin to love yourself

You will have heard the phrase ‘if you can’t love you, how can anyone else love you?’ Right now you realise just how much of yourself you have given away, and it’s time to reclaim your power. It’s time to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are worthy of your love. It’s time to know that you are enough and anyone who wants to destroy you can take a hike.

The messages in your head make sense

In your quieter moments, words will come to you that seem to not make any sense. Make a note of these and allow the answers to come. I know when I was looking at my diet I kept hearing pea protein in my head. It struck me that I had been thinking about what I could add into my diet to support the need for protein in my vegetarian diet. I’d never heard of it, and a quick internet search gave me the answers I was looking for. Guess what I have in my food cupboard?

You feel energy

As you come into contact with others, nature and objects you notice a buzz or a tingle (some feeling that is unique to you). If you pick up a crystal, it resonates in your hand, and you receive messages when you tune in.  When you walk into a room, you can sense what is going on, who you want to be with or otherwise. For some reason, you are more attracted (like a magnet) to certain people and repulsed to others. These energetic messages can come in many forms. Everyone senses energy in a different way; you will learn yours, make a note of what comes up.

Your intuition increases

When you start to connect to the vibrations around you and take note of the messages you receive, you will find that the words make sense. That’s your intuition, your gut telling you what you need to know. Yes, the funny voices in your head have meaning and no you are not going nuts. How long have you lived not listening to the voices in your head or the flutter in your tummy. They come for a reason and now more than ever it is vital to tune in and have faith.

The clients you work with have messages for you

You will find that the clients that are attracted to you bring messages for you. One of my current clients is writing a book about her health journey. As I had a problem with a tooth there in one of her chapters was my solution. Her chapter on pesticides coincided with me discovering a new organic veggie box service in my area. I wonder what her next chapter will say to me?

Your heart space opens

You can feel the expansion in your chest or the space between you breasts. It’s as if someone is holding your breast bone apart. You can send love from here to others and they will get it. This is your cosmic connection portal. For me this is how I become a part of everything and everything is a part of me. What I need flows in and out of here, not my head or my feet; these keep me grounded and aligned.

There are many more signs that you are becoming spiritually aware, note them in your journal and reflect on the personal meaning of the knowledge you receive. Trust and have faith that all is as it should be.

As the confusion clears you can spread your wings and test them out. Then soon it will be your time to fly high and share what you have learnt with others to support them through their emergence.


This post is part of a 30-day blogging challenge and has been written to test ideas and content for my new book ‘The Path of The Butterfly’.



Writer, author, book coach, conscious woman and mum to three beautiful dogs. Living in the hills in Spain watching the world from a distance and drinking tea are just a part of what I fill my days with. That is when I am not writing or walking said dogs.

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Carolyn - May 1, 2016

Been there, done that, washing out the tshirt to wear it again tomorrow. Where would the fun be if life was all plain sailing x

    JMAdmin - May 2, 2016

    Indeed. Though it would be kinda nice to be better prepared… maybe… sometimes…

Jules - May 2, 2016

This was a delicious experience of knowing I am emerging and preparing myself for flight. I’m very excited that more is to come and I will get to learn more from a sister butterfly. ❤️

    JMAdmin - May 2, 2016

    Isn’t it fabulous to feel your wings unfurling and getting ready to fly free? Looking forward to learning more from you too.

Carolyn - May 2, 2016

Beautifully written! Wish I had known all this when things started to “fall apart” for me. Great reference for other people I know who are at this stage x

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