Spontaneity and the flow of your creativity and joy

When was the last time that I did anything in the moment? This was the question I asked myself when I woke up this morning. Sure I make cakes when I feel the call, but anything bigger. Something more exciting, something that brings creativity and joy into my life.

When was the last time that you allowed spontaneity to come into your life so that creativity and joy could flow?

When was the last time that you allowed spontaneity to come into your life so that creativity and joy could flow?

Spontaneity and memories

I remember once meeting someone on an online dating site. I was fascinated that he lived in a chapel, so I contacted him to say hi. One Sunday we were chatting, and he invited me to dinner. Dinner was two and a half hours away and I in that moment thought why not and jumped in the car. He and his dog were lovely, and I enjoyed making a new friend.

Would I do something seemingly so reckless again? Who knows? I guess only the moment will tell.

Another memory is waking one July morning and deciding that this was the day that I would leave the person I was married to. I had known that I was leaving, but I didn’t know when. I surprised myself when I opened my eyes and knew that I had to get out that day. And so started a whole new chapter of my life. Would I do that again? In a heartbeat. Never will I stay somewhere with anyone who is not good for my soul and not listen to my intuition. Never will anyone ever treat me like that again.

The problem is that when I write that I can feel the residue of anger in my body and that reminds me to not make sweeping statements, but to remember that in uncomfortable moments that I can act in the moment, that I can do something else, something spontaneous to move into creativity and joy.

Spontaneity is in the small moments

Spontaneity doesn’t have to be big and live changing, although anything you do in the moment to feed your soul can alter the course of your day and your life.

There are places around me that I haven’t visited. There have always been reasons why and this week I have said that if in the moment I want to grab my camera and go somewhere I will. Nothing is planned in, more that I have given myself permission to explore. I am hoping that this reminds me that I can in any moment change where I find myself and how I feel.

Right now, I am up and out of bed. I’ve walked in dog urine. Why he chose to wee in my kitchen, I will never know. The door is open, and he can go out to do this kind of things. But an animal reacts to the moment, and one can only suppose that in the moment his desire was for this action. At this moment I am on the sofa, and another of my dogs is curled next to me, and it is blissful. Sometimes she and I roll and play on the bed. In these fractions of time, we just are. I cannot tell you how much time given to playing nourishes me. Giggling and playing whisk me back to childhood to a time of chasing rainbows and catching raindrops.

These are the droplets of time I treasure.

Spontaneity isn’t a grand gesture

Spontaneity doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, a running away or a massive life changer; it is the tiny things which light us up that bring the real changes.

When your soul calls for spontaneity, for moments of love, joy and creativity what will you do?

What happens when you don’t listen to the calls from your soul in the moment?

I find myself getting bogged down in the mundane and feeling overwhelmed. Just recently I decided to migrate an online course to another platform. In my mind, I knew that it would be boring to drag the content over so I steeled myself to just get on with it. What happened was that I decided to update some of the content and then it grew bigger, and I changed more and more and then the course grew and then I said whoa I need to escape from this. However, I carried on. And then my soul tapped me very smartly on the shoulder and whispered in my ear ‘how would it be if you stepped away?’ How would it be?

It would be rather delicious to put it to one side, and so in that moment, I said yes.

Reflection time allows acts of spontaneity to rise. These are gifts, presents of the present time. Time to just be.

Spontaneity and the beauty of Mother Earth

Spontaneity reminds me of the beauty around me. I can hardly fail to as I live in the hills, and every day Mother Earth brings something new, fresh and delightful.

The recent rains threw up a vast array of flowers as far as the eye could see. Wild and free. The colours that cascade across the landscape remind me to consider how to be colourful and allow myself to blow free. To let the breeze catch me and let go so that I can reflow.

When I was young, I didn’t stop to think, much to my parent’s dismay; I just acted upon the call. Without any pressure, I’d make a mud bath or grab my crayons and draw. I let expression flow.

Sometimes I catch myself singing to my dogs. I often get down on the floor with them and give them a kiss. Who knows what they think, but I get a lick, so I assume they enjoy these in the moment acts.

They have no filters. When I am working and deep in thought, and they want food or attention, one of them will put her paws (it’s always the girls) on me and stick a tongue in my face. The younger one is more disruptive and will knock off my webcam or put her paws on my keyboard. When we head out for a walk, they go where the smells take them. We can learn so much from dogs.

Honour the child within

My divine inner wisdom calls me to honour the child within. To allow and find joy and creativity in the moment. Spontaneity is a gift of self-love.

When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of a spontaneous moment? When did you last heed the murmur from your soul? The call to return to the divine child within?

This week I am listening to the call from within to get away from the sludge of the mundane. What about you?

Creativity and joy

Even if you have a packed diary and things that must be done, I invite you to stop and take 10 minutes and just do something that fills you with happiness and joy. Dance, sing, grab a stranger and give them a hug, throw your hands in the air and ask your colleagues to join you in a few deep breaths. I promise these small acts will alter the trajectory of your day.

One small thing will nourish your creative centre and bring you joy. These two things reside together. They work together and in their union they will bring you peace and contentment.

And if you feel so called do something bigger. Go on I dare you.


Writer, author, book coach, conscious woman and mum to three beautiful dogs. Living in the hills in Spain watching the world from a distance and drinking tea are just a part of what I fill my days with. That is when I am not writing or walking said dogs.

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Carrie Eddins - April 29, 2017

Love it Jacqui, love how you have explained the importance and possibility of spontaneity in so many ways 🙂

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