Be the designer of your eveolution
Share your story
Change the world

Discover your voice, share your inspirational message and lead an eveolution

Launches in



Leading the Eveolution

Publication date: 31/10/2015


Learning to Fly

Launch date: 31/10/2015


Coaching and mentoring to prepare you for a life changing event

  • Leaving a partner
  • Leaving corporate life

Find your voice and inspirational message


Ideas and strategies to support your personal brand transformation

  • ​Write a book
  • Create an online course or program

Create assets to help you grow your business

Rock it

​Staying on track and being seen

  • 28 day action plans
  • Review sessions

Action plans to keep you on track

Jacqui. Plan your non fiction book

Eve-olution Alchemist, Catalyst, Strategist & Author

​My mission is to inspire you to have the courage to move on, connect to your voice, discover your inspirational message and to share that with the world.

Together we will discover the magical message you have come to share, create the energy for change and discover ways to support you to share your message.

I will support you to:-

  • ​Prepare for your new life
  • Get connected to your soul purpose
  • Discover your voice and the inspirational message you have come to share
  • Help you to discover your natural gifts and capabilities
  • Create strategies and a way forward that resonates with your unique vibration
  • Write a book, develop an online course and program
  • Build your personal brand and rock it out

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