Five element personality, what type are you-

Five element personality, what type are you?

If you are anything like me you love personality tests. Over the years, I have done many, some for jobs and others for courses. One that I particularly like is the five element personality one in Between Heaven and Earth written by Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold. The book was written for acupuncturists and contains a questionnaire which is a diagnostic tool for therapists to get an understanding of a person’s five element energy and personality type. This one provides you with an opportunity to get to know you from an holistic viewpoint and aligned with a nature perspective, which is illuminating.

To every person is a season

Just as in nature, there are seasons, these seasons exist in us too. There will be one season or element that we strongly identify with. By looking at what is going on in your life in association with your element and those that are out of balance at this present moment, you can then take actio to bring your element into balance.

This questionnaire is based on the 5 elements (fire, water, metal, water and wood) as they relate to physical and psychological health. Today I dug out an old questionnaire and retested myself (you can do a similar test online here I am still wood, although I always wanted to be fire. Which is no surprise when you consider that every day we grow and change as the seasons flow through the year and through us.

Let’s explore Fire – The Wizard


 Every type has gifts and challenges.

While you may currently not understand what your type means, by reading further ( you will gain a different insight into who you are.

Each of the elements has an archetype Pioneer, Wizard, Peacemaker, Alchemist, and Philosopher. The idea of archetypes is taken from Jung and makes it easier (according to the authors) to understand.

Our primary element does not change, rather the balance of the other elements does. Additionally, each of the elements exists within us. When you are at odds with your world you will find that your element will be out of balance.

As I have said, I am wood and have been hugely out of balance, which knocks on into my fire among other elements. One of the ways that I can tell that is that the colour of my clothes have been predominately black and grey which is associated with water and fear. As I have been taking more control of my life, my greens (wood), reds and oranges (fire) have found their way out of my cupboard and I cannot currently wear the dark colours. In this example, water restrains fire and it certainly has.

Once you get your scores you can map them against the element diagram (below) and check to see if elements are supporting each other or opposing each other.


When you then analyse your results you will see where you are strong but also where potential disharmony occurs. You can do this by looking at the elements either side as supportive and the ones opposite as potentially antagonistic. After which you can decide what kind of action you can take to bring balance and harmony to your life.

When you work to bring this harmony into your life there is no room for dis-ease to manifest.

Exercise to try

Look at your psyche type and the four columns presented.


  • Scan through the columns and pick words that resonate with you
  • Are you in tune with the undistorted you?
  • What of the other aspects in the other columns and what do they mean to you?
  • What action can you take to bring harmony back to your element?



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Carolyn - May 26, 2016

Very interesting Jacqui. Thx for sharing

carolyn - May 27, 2016

There’s a lot to get to grips with in this, have downloaded the link for future digestion! I’m a very strong water/philosopher 🙂

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