It's all about the alchemy of stories

Stories are the glue that holds humanity together. There is the story of you, them and us. Our identity is wrapped up in story and these are the stories we use to show up in the world.

Stories help you to connect to your creative force and the stories we tell shape the future.

Life is a movement, it flows from moment to moment keeping us connected to the rhythms of Universal love. Open yourself to the wonder of who you are and how you can shape the world with your message.

Story to self

Story to Self

Finding you in your stories and preparing you for your EVE-olution.

Share your story

Share your story

Find the right story to share, know why and how you will share it.


Sounding Board

Someone who will listen and help you make sense of your ideas and dreams.

Remember, you ain't broke, there is nothing to fix

Life is beautiful and full of meaning when you fill yourself up with love

When you learn the power of self-love and your story, you can either own it and rock it or let it crush you. I know what I've chosen. Come with me and let's rewrite the book of YOU from self love.

Self Love

It's ok,  get it.

So many people use pain as the contract they want to engage you in. And yes, you may have been or are in pain, but you know what, it's not your pain that is going to sort your shit out.

They also cannot fix you, mend you, or put you back together in a different way.

It's your beautiful heart and soul that will know how to tap into it's divine inner wisdom and find the desire to expand and grow.

Yes, you may need a guiding hand, support, a shoulder to lean, cry or rant on and a friend to laugh with. That's cool too. 

Alchemy comes when people work together for a higher purpose.

Come on in and let's talk.

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Are you ready to bring alchemy into your life?