Creating your perfect day story in daydreams and words

Creating your perfect day story in daydreams and words

This weekend, I headed out to the wonderful El Nacimiento for my annual yoga retreat. This is the fourth retreat that I have been on and the third with Sol Yoga Retreats. With Maya, Yoga is not just asanas (physical movement), she incorporates many other aspects to create a more integrated, spiritual and fun yoga practice and retreat. This year was no exception. I loved it.

Every time I attend one of Maya’s retreats I learn, as you would expect, something about me. It’s not necessarily something new, more that there is something that needs to come to the surface. When surfaced, acknowledged and worked on.

For example one of our sessions was a Chakra Dance, which I had been looking forward to. What I had not anticipated was to start off loving the exercise and ending up screaming silently in my head stop the fucking torture. I was engulfed with anger from the throat chakra up. So much so that when we came to draw our mandalas and journal about the experience there was lots of expletives and unexpressed anger. I was delighted. Better in than out and when out it can be dealt with.

A few hours later one of my friends asked ‘where is the anger coming from?’ In a flash, I saw several instances where things had happened where I was not in control of what had occurred, where I had been taken advantage of. In reality, there was nothing that I could have done, primarily because I was a child at the time. I realised that the knock on effect of being unable to express myself had resulted in feelings of stuck anger at my throat. This sticky treacly anger then like a pack of dominos toppled into my other chakras, leaving me feeling tortured. It wasn’t much fun.

Later alone in my room. I explored the days events and in my mind I asked myself what if I could have expressed myself? What if instead of falling backwards I was able to fly forwards to create a ‘perfect day’ in that space. Instead of thinking what I could or might do, I imagined my perfect day as if it were already real. I saved journaling for the morning. First, I wanted to take a daydream into my perfect day. This is a lovely exercise because it’s like fantasy with faith that everything is as it should and will be. After sleeping, I wrote what came up as a result of the day’s revelations and the daydreaming. Sleep is good because your unconscious mind has a chance to process overnight.

The As If Mind

The mind likes as if because it apparently it is pretty dumb and likes to take instructions. As a child, you probably daydreamed a lot. Gazing nonchalantly out of the window into the near distance while conjuring up all kinds of beautiful things. Because you could make it real, and it was fun, it creates new neural pathways to your new reality.

I wonder how many of us adults have lost the art of the daydream, and the magic of make believe?

All is not lost, because when you create a fantasy in your minds-eye with your positive ‘as if’ mindset, you are allowing yourself to connect to a deep part of you. An element that allows your imagination to take you on a daydream to the land of as if.

An ‘as if’ mindset is not about pretending that everything is wonderful. It is about believing that whatever position you find yourself in, you have the ability to improve your situation by trusting that it is possible to change things. When you daydream your perfect day, you are engaging this positive, as if faith. Now all you have to do is engage your faith and take action.

Having faith that all will turn out as it should

Once you have had your wonderful daydream, write about it. Then hold the faith that things will go according to the master plan in the Cosmos. Having blind faith is one thing, however, if you add in some action, then you will be more than half way there. Of course, things might not go to plan, but that might also be part of the plan. Things do have a habit of changing for all of the right reasons. Where’s the fun f you get what you think you want instead of what you need, eh?

Using your imagination to create your perfect day story in daydreams and words

  1. Close your eyes and imagine a time in the future when you want something to become a reality and dream about your perfect day as if it were already here
  2. The key is to add as many delicious words, pictures, sounds, smells and tastes as possible so that you appeal to all of your senses
  3. When you have finished, sleep on it, or if you want to do it now, go for a walk to reflect
  4. In the morning when you wake up, pick up your journal and write about your perfect day, remembering to keep it as if; make it real
  5. A few days later read through and pick out the gems, themes, and keywords. These are the things that you want for your business and life
  6. Head over to (other programs are available) and make a visual of your vision (the things you want) – play around until it speaks to your heart
  7. Create the word cloud image and pop it into a WORD document and print it out (you can frame it later). You now have a visual word representation of your perfect day. Our minds love visual things, so this will help to cement your vision

Add in the action plan

Vision ‘boards’ dreams and stories about your perfect future days are great, but they lack action. They may trick the mind, but the mind now needs extra instructions to help us get there, wherever there is.

Steps to get from ‘vision board’ to action

  1. Keep your vision word image in front of you
  2. Head back to your list of gems and add in other facts – how many of whatever do you want, the date you will start or achieve it, what resources do you need, who can help. Think about SMART or HEART goals or outcomes; whatever works for you
  3. Put your goals into a table or list. If you used something like SMART, you can easily see the structure of each goal
  4. Print out your goals and keep them both where you can see them
  5. Next keeping your eye on your visual and goals, list out the actions you are going to take, when you are going to take them, include anything else that will bring your perfect day closer to becoming a reality (remembering that plans don’t always go to plan…)
  6. Next, create your 90-day action plan, break it down into two 28-30 day plans. You can use these to make your weekly and your daily planner
  7. Next, make one picture with your word vision image and some of the keywords that came up from goals. Print and frame. You can add in pictures and anything else that resonates with you. Be creative and remember not to be too specific with your picture as your path may change. This image is a visual reminder to take action based upon the plan which may change – you must review your plans and not get attached to your first thoughts. Remember to connect your intuition
  8. Keep the vision board where you can see it
  9. When you are considering your daily actions keep an eye on your board
  10. Keep taking small steps every day that leads you to your perfect day
  11. Refine and revisit as necessary

Remember to adjust as needed and redo. As you work through your actions, life will probably throw a few balls at you, catch them, observe what they mean and then reimagine and rewrite your perfect day. You can have more than one!

Remember to keep your vision and goals where you can see them. This is your now and your potential future. Have fun!

PS: Join me on next years retreat with Sol Yoga



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Jules - May 30, 2016

Loved this Jacqui, and I will be returning to follow the guidelines. Thank you. x

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