Completing soul contracts – the story of Dickie Quick and Fanny Hoare

Completing soul contracts – the story of Dickie Quick and Fanny Hoare

There we were in the Soul Place working out soul contracts for the people, places, problems and perspectives we needed to learn before we could set light to our spirits. Dickie, Fanny and I sitting cosily around the flame of eternity, we’d written out the contracts and were now silently acknowledging our triad and how synchronicity would bring us each together on the Earth Plane.

What are soul contracts?

When we are born the soul has no recall of past lives and soul contracts. I say no recall because there have been occasions when a child speaks about other lives with such clarity there can be no mistake that they have lived that life.

It’s my belief that we make soul contracts, and each of these leads us to the discovery of our light and purpose.  Most people want a life purpose, don’t they?

We take a journey through life fulfilling these contracts until it is time for the light to be switched on and we begin our real work.

As you might have a contract with a client, a soul contract has the terms and conditions for your interaction with others for this and other lifetimes, lessons to be learned and greatness to be achieved.

Let me explain.

When I met Dickie, I had the oddest feeling that I had known him through many lifetimes. I felt that he had something to do for me in this lifetime for the support he’d received from me in past lives. Because of this, even when my intuition yelled at me get the hell out of Dodge, I stayed. Never before in my life have I let anyone support me financially (parents aside). It would never have occurred to me to let another person be responsible for me in any way. My modus operandi was to earn and to be equal. However, here we were Mr and Mrs and his mother, who needed caring for. I did what was expected of me and more. What I didn’t and couldn’t have known was what he was up to.

Initially, when I found out about Fanny, I thought she was the only one. What I discovered was that Dickie had an altogether different life with many Fannies over the entire relationship. The end was a blessing. As I drove away and subsequently got divorced, he, for me had completed his soul contract. The end of that particular contract meant I could go and find me, to let go of all of the past shit and to stop running away. I am blessed to have had him in my life to create this space and opportunity.

On the night that I discovered Dickie and Fanny’s relationship, I wrote to her with a message ‘karma is coming to get you.’ I did say other things, but those were my parting words. It feels kind of witchy and unpleasant, but it’s too late, I have done it.

Friends asked ‘shouldn’t I tell her about everything else, shouldn’t she be warned?’ She, they exclaimed as a sister she needed to be informed. What, I asked, would I gain from telling her and showing her what he had been up to behind both our backs. She wouldn’t want to believe me. After all, poor little me, I was only the wife ‘whose husband she was fucking.’

After some (not much) consideration and reading through their messages and photos, I decided that her soul contract with me was also complete. For some reason, she was meant to be back with Dickie, and I was supposed to walk away and leave her to it.

There are many times I have wanted to warn her, or at least I did until I realised that all of our actions were part of contracts that needed completing.

One day she will need her children who I imagine have little respect for her at the moment. Hating her and her actions for what she has done to their dad is pointless. Mums are special and continuing to hold a space in their hearts for her is important to me. Different soul contracts.

What of soul contracts to come?

If I’d had knowledge of all of the contracts that I was to fulfil, I just might have done a runner. However, for every person met and lesson learned, I am deeply grateful for the part they have played in my life.

Today, I feel as if the fourth moulting of the caterpillar is taking place and I am becoming consciously competent to live my life and getting ready to fly. (More on the moulting caterpillar to come)

The people I am now meeting are like me; we too were meant to meet. Our stories are uncannily familiar. The contracts they have completed are like mine. It’s freaky, in a nice way. It’s exciting and fun to be in the light of others who like me are working towards a new world.

These soul contracts are rocking!

What can we surmise of soul contracts?

  • The date, time, season and place of birth are pre-planned
  • You chose your family, friends, and lovers before you get here
  • People are here for a reason, season or lifetime lesson (another blog to follow)
  • All events help you grow and evolve
  • Death is inevitable and is a moment when what you have come to do is complete. Your purpose has been fulfilled, and your contracts for this life ended (or at least you hope…).

Being a human on Earth means that we have a beautiful opportunity to make a difference, but only if we embrace the higher purpose of life.

Choose your path wisely, get in tune with your intuition, listen to the voices and feelings,  reflect before acting (not over thinking please), accept what has been is only stuff and embrace your destiny.



Writer, author, book coach, conscious woman and mum to three beautiful dogs. Living in the hills in Spain watching the world from a distance and drinking tea are just a part of what I fill my days with. That is when I am not writing or walking said dogs.

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