What does your body want to you to know - part #1 (infographic)

What does your body want you to know – part #1 (infographic)

In the blog what does your body want you to know part one, I referenced a method for discovering how to map ailments from birth to now on your body and to then undertake some research to see what information you get. This infographic shows you how to do this.

what does your body want to tell you
You may not know about chakras, five element theory or the work of Louise Hay (yet). Or you may have other systems that you would want to consult. Do whatever works for you, as long as you remember that these are to help your contemplation, they will not necessarily give you the answer. That will come following reflection, asking your body and listening to the response that you get.

In the above example, I mapped knees to kidneys in five element theory. The corresponding emotion is fear which is what my body told me. I looked at throat chakra for the things which were stuck in my throat and concluded that I had a fear of expressing myself and that I never talked about my dreams and desires. While I have never had a fear of speaking in public this was a far deeper issue related to self-worth.

Naturally there is a lot more I know about me, as you will know about yourself. The key to this is to keep journaling and reflecting, until you are ready to ask. When you do, you will hear the truth and then you can start to put in place some actions to turn these things around.

The body is amazing isn’t it?


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Shridevi - May 15, 2016

Great post Jacqui! Very informative. I don’t really know about chakras or the five element theory but I do refer to Louis Hay books from time to time

    JMAdmin - May 16, 2016

    That’s great. At least you have a point of reference and can then consider what your body is telling from a place of greater knowledge.

Sara - May 15, 2016

This is a lovely infographic. Is it your first one? (You should join the Visual Content Creators FB group)

I don’t know a lot about chakras, but the idea of it has always interested me. When I was in a group therapy class they did an exercise to identify where in the physical body one felt the emotion. I’m wondering if it is based on this?

    JMAdmin - May 16, 2016

    Thank you. No, I have done lots of infographics. I’ll take a look at that group.

    That exercise is a lovely way to tune in. Lots of these kind of exercises are based on what we know about energy systems, the chakras being one.

carolyn - May 15, 2016

Haven’t heard of the 5 element chart, must go look that up! I tend to work more with the way a pain or other sensation is described & then question how that relates to something happening in the person’s life. Sciatica’s my favourite – who or what is being a pain in the ass? 🙂

Carolyn - May 16, 2016

Great information Jacqui. Truly amazing how our bodies reflect our thoughts.

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