Spontaneity and the flow of your creativity and joy
When was the last time that I did anything in the moment? This was the question I asked myself when[...]
Celebrating your birth day
Tomorrow is the anniversary of my birth day. I didn’t slide quietly into this life. My poor mum had a[...]
Love letter to you
Today I am compelled to write a love letter to you. This isn’t filled with platitudes or anything nice, this[...]
My writing gets an enema
I am laying with the enema tube inserted strategically in my rectum and unsure of what to expect. Jeff Brown[...]
I have no apologies for my inner child
There is no apology. Apologies says failure, and I have not failed me. Failures are perceived as a way to[...]
If not now when? Change your diet now!
Change your diet are words that many people do not want to hear or say 'yeah when I' and then[...]
The child that stands in the way of my writing
Just when I least expect it, she appears. ‘Why are you writing that?’ She enquires. I don’t always write what[...]
Whispers from dad
I found a penny, not any old penny, but an old penny from you. Lying on the path to remind[...]
Creating fun personal stories
Sometimes we can get caught in the pain of our personal stories and find it difficult to let go. I[...]
Letting go and decluttering your heart
What is it about hanging on to the sludgy parts of life? Do we really need to carry so much[...]
Luscious linseed tea and staying hydrated
Staying hydrated with luscious linseed tea is a great addition to anyone's healthy daily routine. The problem is that often[...]
How to drink water consciously and stay hydrated
When thinking about your health, water plays an essential role. It is vital that you drink water consciously and stay[...]
Gluten free banana bread
This gluten free banana bread is super easy to make and can be amended to suit your diet. So if[...]
Your food as a weapon of mass destruction?
As you sit down to your toast and jam, Weetabix, milk and honey, fry up or healthy home made muesli[...]
Which is your most stressed organ?
Just as you might express outward emotions when stressed, your innards also get a bit of a battering. Given what[...]
Body scan meditation (Bhuddanet)
We've previously talked about scanning your body to find out what it wants you to know. In this Body scan[...]
Setting hearts goals, the spiritually, healthy, wealthy way
Although I appreciate the structure and focus that setting SMART goals gives you, I prefer to set hearts goals. It's[...]
Creating your perfect day story in daydreams and words
This weekend, I headed out to the wonderful El Nacimiento for my annual yoga retreat. This is the fourth retreat[...]
Introduction to chakra wounds – throat chakra
Chakra wounds are the invisible wounds that are either created in this life or carried through from previous lives. There[...]
The butterfly and your personal transformation
I’ve always hated it when a designer has suggested that I use a butterfly in my branding. They always said,[...]